Rishabh Srivastava

10:10 am
322 Fryklund Hall


Healthcare industry has seen unprecedented growth in the past few decades and one great contributor to advancements is the use of technology. Medical devices have become a vital part of modern healthcare and are used in every stage – from diagnosis to treatment. Innovation in medical technology has led to significant strides in medical research, disease treatment and improvement of patient’s quality of life. In today’s highly regulated global medical device industry, there is a thriving need to develop safe, effective, reliable devices which provide better patient outcomes and overall performance. This talk will provide an overview of how different therapies and lives are transformed using medical device technology. The speaker will also talk about the successes and challenges involved in each process of commercial medical device lifecycle – from concept generation to product development to market release. The speaker will be bringing market released devices for the audience to better understand device design and its functioning. In the final part of the talk, the speaker will briefly discuss his graduate research work and how it prepared him for the transition to corporate research world.


Rishabh Srivastava is a Senior Systems Engineer at Medtronic R&D. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota. At Medtronic, he is involved in development of next generation implantable neurostimulators which have applications in Deep Brain Modulation. He also has expertise with development of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators. He has been a champion for Diversity and Inclusion and leads Asian Impact Network at Medtronic. He is a professional table tennis and chess player and enjoys traveling in his free time.