10:10 am
322 Fryklund Hall


Product development is often seen and demonstrated in a clear, linear, clean process, with the mythical one right solution that wins out at the end. However, truth be told – product development isn’t always clean and easy, and sometimes the consumer experience does not match data. With the development process both qualitative and quantitative analysis plays important and sometimes counterintuitive roles in the process. Within this talk we will learn how Industrial Designers and Engineers balance the need and usage of qualitative and quantitative testing tools in order to achieve the final solution.


Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson is the Industrial Design Manager at Quality Bicycle Products in Bloomington, MN and a 2007 UW-Stout graduate. Katie has spent over the last decade working in Product Development on a diverse set of product types ranging from medical, architectural lighting, consumer electronics, to spending the last seven years merging personal passion with profession within the bicycle industry.

Luke Strauss

Luke Strauss is the Engineering Manager at Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) in Bloomington, MN. He holds a Masters from Cornell University (2011) and a Bachelors from Middlebury College (2007). Prior to joining QBP in 2014, Luke has engineered products in the automotive, energy-utility, and environmental remediation industries.

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*Katie Thompson was unable to present due to an unexpected work issue.